Urine specimen testing is the most common and cost effective method used by employers  to detect Illegal Drugs in the employee being tested. 

Upon receiving identification of the donor, the certified technician will provide the donor a cup and request a urine specimen. The technician will then seal the specimen cup and have the donor initial the seal. A chain of custody form in addition to other documentation is completed and sent to the lab for testing.     

Labs will report negative results within 24 hours of receiving the specimen. Positive results take an additional three days due to having to undergo confirmation testing and verification.

ToxSecure recommends that all urine specimens be sent for Lab analysis to ensure against false positives.


Used by both Law Enforcement, Medical Technicians, and  DOT, Breath Alcohol Tesing (breathalyzers) identifies the presence of Alcohol in a person's system. The test is used to evaluate the current presence of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Blood Alcohol Tests are generally  ordered by employers who have employees with safety sensitive duties such as driving and operating machinery and by Law Enforcement for potential drivers who may be under the influence.

New York State  uses your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC to determine whether you're legally driving while intoxicated.  Law enforcement will charge you with DWI if your BAC is: 0.08% and you're 21 years old or older.

ToxSecure uses Breath Testing Devices used by both Law Enforcement & DOT to ensure our Breathalyzer tests will be upheld in the Court of Law for all DOT & Non-DOT organizations.


Hair follicle drug testing is becoming increasingly popular method to detect drug use. This test is used as admissible evidence by the courts, government agencies, and employers as a reliable indicator of drug abuse.

Roughly 120 hair strands are cut from the head and sent to the Lab for analysis.  Certified Technicians are then able to test for a large variety of illegal drugs. Upon completion of the test, a licensed physician will review the results and make those results available within 2-3 days or if positive within 3-5 days.

Hair follicle testing is superior to urine testing in that it can identify drug use for up to 90 days.

ToxSecure will assist you with an accurate and certified test result for hair follicle specimens ensuring proper chain of custody to the Lab for analysis.


Instant specimen collection also known as Point of Collection Testing (POCT) is a process where a donor provides a minimum of 30ml of urine in an approved specimen cup and in the privacy of a restroom. The results of the test are interpreted on the spot by the drug testing technician and the entire Custody and Control Form (CCF) is completed. Positive test specimens are sent to a lab for confirmation analysis and negative result specimens are discarded.

Instant specimen collections are designed for forensic Non-DOT testing and reduce donor downtime enabling a fast, accurate method of testing. Six, Ten, and Twelve panel drug screenings are available with this option.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss how ToxSecure  services can benefit your organization.


A very popular Drug Test among non-government employers is Oral Fluid Testing which tests for recent drug use by inserting an absorbent sponge on a stick into the person's mouth to collect saliva. The specimen is then placed into a sealed package in front of the person and then sent to the Lab for analysis.

This process not only ensures the proper chain of custody but is also non-invasive and eliminates the specimen from being adulterated.

The Oral Fluid Test provides an immediate time frame of when a particular drug was introduced into the body and detects illegal substances within 8-24 hrs.

ToxSecure has certified technicians available to administer Oral Fluid testing onsite or offsite if needed to meet your organization's needs.