ToxSecure understands that time and convenience is very valuable to both Employer and Employees. Because of this, ToxSecure provides an onsite collection service which eliminates the need for employees to travel to an offsite location. Employees continue to work up to the minute that they are notified of their onsite drug and alcohol screen, and can quickly return to work after the test is completed which is typically 10-15 minutes. 

ToxSecure will conduct Breath Alcohol testing and urine specimen collection at your facility, at your convenience, ensuring that the testing is completed in a timely professional manner. This is a valuable option for those companies that require an immediate drug and alcohol screen after a work related accident, or reasonable suspicion situation during non-typical business hours.     

 In addition to conducting onsite drug and alcohol screenings, ToxSecure provides companies with the option of sending their employees to one of our convenient SHAMSHA certified lab/clinic locations for professional drug screen services in a friendly office environment.

Certified Technicians

ToxSecure provides professional, locally based, certified Drug Testing Technicians who are made available to your company to perform the following tests:     


• DOT and Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing   

• Urine Specimen Collection   

• Breath Alcohol Testing   

• Hair Sample Drug Testing   

• Oral Fluid Testing


ToxSecure  provides services on a 24/7 basis giving your company the flexibility it needs to make your drug free work place program work and remain compliant